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Hold Inspection - International Marine Survey Ltd

POSITION: Marine Surveyor 
OFFICE: International Marine Survey Ltd (IMS) - North Yorkshire Headquarters
REPORTING TO: Management Team
LOCATION: Based North East England (Operating UK / Worldwide)


To carry out the general duties of inspection as required within the UK and Overseas.

To conduct inspections, surveys and examinations of merchant vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and their cargo. Representing ship owners, cargo shippers or cargo receivers, you will be required to ensure that best practices are observed and to offer guidance and / or intervention where our clients interests are at risk.

To assist in the supervision of any sub-contractors employed in the area.

To protect the interests of the Principal during your inspections as appropriate to IMS or Trade Guidelines.


All duties to be carried out in an accurate and timely manner and in accordance with the established company and relevant trade guidelines and procedures under the guidance of the job Co-ordinator.

To undertake technical inspections and operational supervision of agricultural (grain and fertiliser), dry bulk (coal, coke, ore), general and break bulk commodities in accordance with the appropriate protocols, Sampling Rules and Codes of Practice.

To undertake technical inspections of vessels

Report information as required in the relevant Inspection Report to the Co-ordinator in a clear, accurate and timely manner without delay.

Draw, seal and label samples as appropriate in accordance with client contractual instructions, as per issued guidelines and ensure that the correct samples are appropriately retained, stored or despatched to the correct analyst, as required under the contract and within the tight time limits stipulated.

Complete relevant load/discharge report(s) in a clear and precise manner ensuring that all the information requested in the report is full, complete and legible. This report is always required urgently by the client and it is therefore imperative that it is despatched immediately on completion of the inspection.

To immediately report any incidents arising in the execution of your duties to the Co-ordinator and if deemed necessary report directly to the client by mobile phone.

To be contactable by mobile phone when operational or on standby including travelling to or returning from site.

To have completed the appropriate training and to ensure that you fully understand your job instructions and to be familiar with contact names and working practices on the site.

To understand that due to the nature of inspections in particular with Shipping and Stevedoring that unsociable hours for attendance by an inspector at ship’s side and on board is unavoidable and it will be necessary for you as part of a team to cover in the event of heavy workload, leave, sickness etc.

To ensure that you are in possession of the relevant documentation, equipment for testing and that any equipment that requires calibration is current, and in good working order.


To act in a professional manner and report in clear, concise technical terms to the Co-ordinator or his designated assistant.

To be aware of all the operations taking place that relate to the inspection and supervision in general and to report in particular any incident or non-conformance that may affect the client in respect of weight, quality, condition, temperature, infestation, dead freight, potential claused      B/Ls etc

Ensure that Samples have been drawn and sealed in accordance with the appropriate Sampling Rules. The samples have been labelled correctly and that if moisture Proof Container is a requirement that the appropriate set/s has been made up and despatched and samples for retention for further tests are retained by each party as appropriate.

It is the responsibility of the inspector to be aware of his role in relation to the contract and to have retained the samples appropriate to his function.

It is the responsibility of the Inspector when instructed to despatch the appropriate samples either directly or indirectly via the Co-Ordinator. This must be done within the strict time limits set out by the contract.


Previous experience in Ship’s Chartering, Ship’s Agency, Ship’s Officer, Agricultural Commodities, Dry Bulk, Marine and Cargo Inspections, Stevedoring is valuable although not essential.

An appreciation that the shipping industry operates 24/7/365 and that working days will therefore be varied.

Ability to work and maintain integrity under pressure from external parties

All non European Nationals must have a valid permit to work in the European Union.

Ability to communicate with management, staff, clients, subcontractors, Dock foreman, Silo operators, Master Mariners at all levels.

Ability to work under own initiative and as part of a team.

Ability to control, co-ordinate various factions involved in the logistics of large scale or small scale operations dockside.

Ability to discuss on equal terms technical information in respect of hold cleanliness inspections, stowage factors, stability, weight, quality, condition, lay time, demurrage, Lost Time, Stevedoring, draught limitations, Storage good practice etc.

Ability to control and motivate the human resources necessary for a successful load/discharge operation.

Ability to exercise discretion.

Neat, tidy legible writing, spelling skills with a satisfactory level of IT literacy to produce  reports.

A sound knowledge of all commodity characteristics that are necessary to decide on behalf of the client acceptance or rejection of quality in the product together with the required protection against  odour, weather, out of specification product and the consequences thereof on a professional basis.

A judgement on conditions inherent in a commodity that can affect the product and cause deterioration of quality and condition.

The ability to detect and identify primary or secondary infestation in grain and to accept or reject under phytosanitary conditions.

Physical Fitness to climb in and out of 20 metre deep holds, and negotiate vertical ladders / Pilot boarding arrangements whilst alongside and at sea.

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