Our team’s unparalleled technical and commercial expertise in shipping makes us a trusted and efficient resource during the due diligence phase of a transaction for financiers, fund managers, banks or other stakeholders who need to make accurate investment decisions.
We undertake technical due diligence studies on behalf of private equity and other finance interests in support of the purchase of vessels, fleets, shipping companies, new builds and sale/leaseback arrangements.
Our work covers analysis of OPEX and CAPEX assumptions, management capability and performance, condition of hardware and uplift requirements, regulatory and compliance reviews, forward technology assessments and long term capitalisation needs.
We have recently undertaken the following projects :
We provide objective, market leading inspections reports built around quantification of assets which provide clients with inspection data that allows comparison of assets, combined with rigorous examination and analysis of business plan OPEX and CAPEX assumptions to identify critical areas of consideration for the client ahead of the transaction.
Our team’s knowledge and experience of the commercial and technical management of vessels provides a reliable and trustworthy platform for the provision of technical due diligence services on behalf of either a purchaser or their financiers, or to vendors ahead of sale.
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